Saturday, 8 July 2017

Rock and roll never forgets

Picasso trouser bottoms....

Ok so I have EUPD, Depression, Anxiety, on the Bipolar Spectum blah blah blah, I've decided to be my 'more usual' self by posting songs close to my heart. This genre is rock and roll. Don't consider the Travelling Wilburys Rock and roll? Your problem lol.

I'll be taking more control of my life once my lithium test happens and the medication review takes place. My psychiatrist says he already knows my moods change daily, and it's nice to hear he knows that. I'm also glad to know it's the spectrum of bipolar and not full blown, and I know what I hear again as many other hear it too, not just my mum.
Mums not doing so well at the moment, she is bleeding around her stoma placement. Not good news 
but hoping by Monday it will be better or I'll demand mum be seen to. 
Sometimes mum and I don't get along, mainly when I feel frustrated by life, hate life, want to die, 
want to sleep. But we do get along most of the time. I was going to go AWOL recently but hanging on that a med change will help. He says now to restart lithium but nothing makes me sleep. but it doesn't bother me, gives me a bit of pleasure knowing idiots stay awake just because of it. Looking forward to winter as much as I am?! 
Anyway, back to the songs to try make me remember life is worth it.
Songs I used to love when listening to music in the shed!

 (Ya know, the DevonShear area?!)


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