Sunday, 2 July 2017

Bootlicking Sychophant

These are my last words on that old bag.
I'm sick of nightmares.

(Yeah!) I heard about some poor lady you beat and got in the papers
(Sure!) you frequent a cool bar and you try it on with every waitress
(Yeah!) I saw you on a a billboard and your manuscript is so outrageous
(Sure!) I see you're living large with your "crib" and your smashed cars and that's just great, but...
Let me tell you how it be
You won't get with this, you see
Because you can't handle me.
(Yeah!) you make you're big move and I can see you're not used to being rejected
(Sure!) you're making that call to some bloke and you think you're well connected
(Yeah!) would me and my friends participate in something you directed (!) 
Let me tell you how it be.
You won't get with this, you see
Because you can't handle me.
It's a simple fact that you can't seem to handle me
No matter how you act with them you can't handle me
You had to make me feel you have my back....
But you're a psycho frigging bootlicking Nazi creep and you can't handle me.

Be on your own,
You've always talked about your need to travel
Now go off and unravel on your own
Go find some restaurant attendant and show him how independent you have grown.
Go on, be on your way.
There's not a single reason I can find to make me want you near me one more day.m
There isn't any sort of word that you can say.
There isn't any sort of price that you could pay
There isn't any sort of magic to avoid this tragi-comic little play.
No need to carry out this masquerade
When all that we were about has begun to fade.
I set you free.
There's not much longer to complain, I'll soon relieve you of your pain.
When I set you free.
If that's all you wish to have then I agree. 
No need for thanks - your just rewards will be my fee....
Go off and live your petty fictions full of blatant contradictions only you can't see.
And what will be will be.

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