Monday, 15 May 2017

The Sun Does Rise in the Eastern Sky

Well, I wasn't happy much before. A combination of sleep deprivation and then seeing that even more people know the madness occurring (my good friends know the situation and support me, too).  I've thought to myself about others in the world who don't know real love or kindness, so they become bitter and wanting to start all sorts so they can, I don't know, be The Piper or Baba or something else to make them feel they have importance. I used to hate such people, but really, how can I if they  
allow they're own spite to affect even their own lives and the people unfortunate enough to be their 
targets. I know I won't be the first person to say if they had not let darkness and animosity grow inside them they would be calm, and not obsessive, and more obsessive in their group packs mentality. 
And I speak for myself here, too. Satan would try to find any way to sneak into people's minds and make them who they were not. I think it was maybe over two years ago I was put on lithium and that has changed most of my life! I still become suicidal but like a small ng says "you and I both know they wouldn't mind if I curled up and died", so the answer to that is to live. 
People, screw them! You are you, you are not nasty or cruel or doing the weirdest things to ruin lives. You have mental health issues, and that, to me, means if you can get the right medication and therapy your life will improve and give you the strength to remember you are better than anyone who tries to hurt you.  Their opinions do not count!


Says it all.

The songs above are my favourites at the moment! Yes , I'm becoming a Bette Midler music fan!!!

And lastly is a song that brings me hope, I loved it when it was released, I love it now!!

God bless all my friends here! XxxxX