Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Hymne a L'mour I'm me again! 6

So life feels better now. I know it all sounds cliché but if you have never know the bad, the good wouldn't mean anything.
I do pray I can be allowed to have this bipolar label off me. Because I believe again that God STILL performs miracles, I hope this is one He will perform, too.
But, if not, these highs and lows might continue, but I don't feel alone.
I feel as though this was quietly put in my ear to remind me I have friends who have always seen my good true colours. I'm not a monster, never was. My life choices and all these circumstances do effect you. I take things to heart, I can be all negative things, but now to reveal to everyone whose never seen them, are the positives! More of them I hope you will see in the future.

And I wonder now, what I would have thought had I looked out the windows of the planes and saw more than clouds. Would I have felt scared? No, I'm certain I would have felt very small ((possibly worried about turbulence, too lol) and wondering what those below are doing, in their homes or traffic jams, praying? When you're up there now days you do wonder about terrorism there in the skies and below. But what we should all think of is below. Again...the Bette Midler version!

So corny it's in me teeth! But I can't fault Bette, I'd loved her since Beaches. PLEASE by the way can someone tell me she won the chart war against Cliff Richard with this!!!!

So thanks to God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit

And this song is how I feel and how it is. 

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