Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Hymne a L'mour I'm me again! 5

The next bit you all know. 
I won't delve into any detail about it because I want the whole memory of that time gone, whoosh, outta here. It will be soon, I know it.

That's how I felt those days.

But of course there was help, firsty by God, who kept my body and mind strong without my meds.
There was Mum, there was Alison, M, P, and my sis and some of those on my friends list I will not mention here. And of course the lovely lady from the British Embassy who got them to pay for a Christmas Eve flight so I arrived home in the morning.

At first the genuine release of gratitude occurred, then the darkness as I had to explain every week to my CPN the things that happened.
But on my birthday, I downloaded a song I hadn't heard in ages, I bought the Bette Midler version and the Elaine Paige version!
I was jaded before, almost like venomous poison ran through my veins, then to have a fantastic celebration where I felt nothing but positivity and love, and hear this song, it was like a Revelation,
So I put this song up for these people: my Mum, who has seen my pain and my tears more times than she deserved yet never once shouted at me, gave hugs and love, Alison for doing more than your best to help me even though I didn't want to ruin your Christmas and I was too proud to let you see the physical state I was in, how I wish we could still pray together, P for calling and I could feel the pain you felt for me, and I love you. You love me and I often asked why. M for giving me help and calling
me, too. You had the foresight from God (and the Internet!) to know it was all going to go wrong, that I shouldn't go but you thought I would have even if you told me. Bless you. My sis who was so worried. I love you and the furbabies so much! There are others, again I won't put their names up here, but thank you,one includes a singer!
This is the song

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