Wednesday, 8 March 2017

All of me

Well today is a bit about opening up.
Past few weeks I've been taking weight loss supplements that you either have an injection or pills. The probes is that they have ruined my apitite....completely. I can't eat  anything. In fact the smell of food sickens me. I've come to the point where I can seek over 24 hours sometimes over 2 days. And when I try to eat a bit, or even if I don't, it's like green water that projectiles even at no notice.
The good this is a I was weighed and last year I think I was just past 115kg. I'm now 94. 
But I'd like to feel better but until I do I doubt I'll be online for a while yet.
Below are some songs and I'll write more below them.

It's as if Meat Loaf can speak for everyone, and isn't afraid to take the mick of himself. I hope you like them!

Why do I like this last song? It's a song of redemption. I mean I am aware the second verse could be a penis joke! But the last verse the man seeing "angels in the architecture" and. He sings "hallelujah " . I like that very much.

I should have said above that I'm hardly taking the pills  and injections. Becuae every daynits green water I puke. But I'll try to not see the doctor until next week, as I'm due a blood test anyway.
The weight I've list seems to be just in my thighs anyway, so not too impressed.

Like I said, I hope to be online soon, if this tiredness goes. But rest assured I'm not ignoring anyone, iits s bit hard to concentrate properly. But I thank you all so much for your prayers xxxxx

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