Monday, 27 March 2017

Word Crimes can you dig it?

Yes, I admit I'm very guilty! But good to know some people are worse! I met a teacher who was impossible at speaking English properly, I couldn't decide if she was trying to dumb down or dumb up!
I've never been great at this blogging, I write too fast on my iPad that words go wrong and letters are missed....yet I love his take on the blog!
My wonderful friend M is in America now....LA lol. Thankfully she's not alone and she's going to have a fab time where she is. No seedy motel. Phew! I miss her so much yet so excited for her! I bet she's had a fun night already! M we love you!!! It brought back today a song I loved. I remember
being in a stinky car for I'm sure over an hour, and seeing one person from the motel being blessed by 
the rain. Whatever his religious beliefs, our responses to rain were the same. He 
watched and felt the rain, looking in awe at the sky, I remember thinking "I want to go to him and 
find out what he feels when it rains". 
I think there is always comfort. Somewhere, or doing something.  I found my comfort during the rain 
there, too, and I hope M feels it!!
My only regret there was I didn't dance in the rain. I will never dance with Delilah again, that's for sure?
But in all fairness there is something good I must put up! I was looking for old LA songs to put up for M, but found this and made me giggle. Quite prefer this version!!

A parody...!
This song always made me giggle!

Fireflies, aww. I've been listening to this daily and nightly for a wee while.
I like "it's hard to say, but I'd rather be awake when I'm asleep because my dreams are bursting at the seams".
There's something so innocent about this, no, I don't find it silly, I like the song so much.
I can think of my childhood toys, and how even as a child I'd prefer being up, my good imagination was wild, although I mainly played with Barbies!
And playing by sprinklers! 

Another parody!!!


Love this one lol.

"One little kiss isn't anything"

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The truth anout my manic posts andpushing people away.
I say this started innocently, I'd found on a reputable selling website hundreds and probably hundreds more selling what they said were legal and asyounding pills and injections thattake away so much of your hunger. Know im the vain type to go for liposuction etc! I was very sceptical about the bottles and injections ut only that I couldn't see them workings much, the ones overy the counter never helped. Little did I know I've been taking actual amphetamin!!! Buy after 3 days my hunger had stopped completely and for this being the 6th 7th week. But I've also been vomiting up to 20 times a day,,q and falling most dwys. So I had a rushed blood text on Monday and Tuesday I had to get my results from my doctor she was as kind as she could be never shouting, she seemed v concerned about me. So mum gave her all my pills and said I will try some sort of weight watching programme

Anyway night before last a fell again
"Unfortunately it took a health scare to reprioritise"

So 2 nights ago I fell Harne on my legs and expected X more carpet burns but instead of that both my upper thighs are I completely in agony even moving in bed and I can't even walk out. I'm hoping it will take the less than a fortnight advice so I can catch my second wind and get out there be helpful to mum again as feeling this and being so frail makes me think she is my carer instead.. So I've put up song songs, mainly girly defiant! 

Please forgive me for givingyou bed news but hope it explains I'm moving on and don't you ever try this things as now my pancreas has had it and my liver disease is worse. Ps that thighs have muscle 
Love you all !!! From a more positive Lizzieand an even less stupid one! Thanks to My wonderful dr and nurse Ksren!

It's not worth the drama for a Beautiful Lie.

This song is such a comfort to me and I hope to  you too! Xxx

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

All of me

Well today is a bit about opening up.
Past few weeks I've been taking weight loss supplements that you either have an injection or pills. The probes is that they have ruined my apitite....completely. I can't eat  anything. In fact the smell of food sickens me. I've come to the point where I can seek over 24 hours sometimes over 2 days. And when I try to eat a bit, or even if I don't, it's like green water that projectiles even at no notice.
The good this is a I was weighed and last year I think I was just past 115kg. I'm now 94. 
But I'd like to feel better but until I do I doubt I'll be online for a while yet.
Below are some songs and I'll write more below them.

It's as if Meat Loaf can speak for everyone, and isn't afraid to take the mick of himself. I hope you like them!

Why do I like this last song? It's a song of redemption. I mean I am aware the second verse could be a penis joke! But the last verse the man seeing "angels in the architecture" and. He sings "hallelujah " . I like that very much.

I should have said above that I'm hardly taking the pills  and injections. Becuae every daynits green water I puke. But I'll try to not see the doctor until next week, as I'm due a blood test anyway.
The weight I've list seems to be just in my thighs anyway, so not too impressed.

Like I said, I hope to be online soon, if this tiredness goes. But rest assured I'm not ignoring anyone, iits s bit hard to concentrate properly. But I thank you all so much for your prayers xxxxx