Thursday, 2 February 2017

Yes! I do feel better!

A lovely song Aabove I thought of this morning while my cpn was here!

"I feel well enough to tell you what you can do with what you've got to offer"


Well, this mornings chat with my cpn was great, we talked about my trusting to wrong people too much. I must agree. He had said it before, and we went through the "dome" thing - thank you! He says I'm progressing greatly as my nightmares are not as frequent.
We also talked about an 'unknown' classed by the people in authority here as "dangerous" and The Lakes are now hanging up on her every call! It's so fab to know the place where I'd found comfort and sometimes hostility (usually from my own mind before I was put on the right medication that really have changed my moods for the good for my waistline though! Haha!) 
I've been told, and I have got to agree, that she no longer has a hold over my life, her words about me are not taken seriously by anyone here I the mental health etc places as they had already known I didn't have it in me to Physically harm anyone, unless it was a dire life threatening situation. 
I didn't even know I was incapable, I had always considered myself strong and ready to fight but 
frankly, when someone is doing everything to make you hurt them, and you've been told by them they 
live for the next lawsui (and with it some sort of more infamy) you know what would hurt them to the NOT hitting them. And it doesn't take a smart person to realise this, as I'm not!  It
So what's done is done, I'm happy. Happy where I'm in a safe place and know for sure that various places here and abroad have my back. 
So I'm going to put up eclectic videos that I love, because my cpn is happy with me and my progress, that the mental health team are, too. That I actually do have a life, took me a while to realise it. That because of the  "dome" thing I'm ok,  and I look forward to the future! Thanks goes to my mates on and offline,  the people who have my best interests at heart, those who also understand me. 
Ps, mums been put on morpbine pain patches and is not sure how it's going. Bless her.
Don't slow down - you're gonna crash!

I found my Savannah in Britain! 

"You'll be fine as long as your pretty face holds out, then it's gonna get pretty cold out"

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