Monday, 20 February 2017

The Joy of Crazy Crazy Nights!

I love this song!!! It stands for us all! Recently I've been on my way to starting new things. Work wise, health wise, faith wise. The start of each of ongoing. As they will take time. So I've been listeningbtomthis song ever sings the unknown has started to leave phones alone, here's a pic of it calling before!

So you are a "superstar" - get off the cross, we need the wood:



Wanted to add some cool Queen songs! 

"Pictures of Crippen lipstick's a no no to your coffee!!"


Me doing a selfie the wrong way lol

My mum out on Sunday with her broken foot healing! 

So it is. Jog on!

 There be


 that my posse can do.......

I will move all mountains that stand in my path.... 

You bless us. All the lyricists . 

Thank you Jesus!

"SHE Was born in the Winter of her 38th year"
Thant moment you know you know you know. I have a huge appreciation of love life and nature now.

And since I'm allowed to go anywhere in the world....

Do inbox me you're one (ok maybe two songs) song that you can't help but feel a deep connection to!

My intelligent cute cat! 

HOpe you all have a great week, Hermits!  Xxxx

I made this mistake last year. I've more street smarts now than they have.
Poor them, even a PHD can go to waste.

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