Sunday, 15 January 2017

Party Like A Russian

Well, after a while of trying to get back to normal, my family (including my Facebook/friends family) have helped tremendously. Everyone who has messaged me with words of hope and inspiration really egged me on to finding peace. I had found it by getting home Christmas Eve, and over that and the New Year. I'm still having horrible dreams, but at least they are dreams and not reality anymore. Even if I can't sleep for a night or two, or if I wake up ridiculously early because of what occurred with that weird woman, I take comfort in k owing my life will go on, and now even better than it had been. 
Ive decided to celebrate and party like a Russian lol, without the vodka, of course 😄😄 Its good I can listen to good songs again!

So if it turns out I need therapy because of all the trauma I will take it and see the end as 'graduating' once again!

Btw here's my new lawyer card given to me by a fantastic genuine man!!!!

Nah it's ok, I am happy, have my freedom and life is great with my mum and all. I'm getting my wicked soh back to where it should be, being closer to God now more than ever, I don't think He would blame me for finding life funny again! 
Would love to see my sis. She's another star to me. 

That's okay because....

Take care love to you all xxxx

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