Thursday, 29 December 2016

Thank you to my family and friends for your continual support!!

Well those of you who have read my Facebook Halstead Hermit page will have realised what I went through, everyone has been so supportive, especially my friends and family. 
My mums been my rock, listened as I told her so much more than what was hurriedly written on the page, and my friends who live nearby have been so helpful, one saying they knew I would come to some sort of harm, but me being the (now ex) gullible and occasionally headstrong woman I may not have listened to words of wisdom anyway. 
But enough of that, I'm not in my self pity state state anymore, I'm happy to be alive! To smell the rain, to feel it, to be alive becaus God saw fit that I could just enough physically for the journey home. It was a great journey actually, one of the best seats available, movies, music, oh and a bit of turbulence lol.    

I've come home a stronger person than I thought, or imagined I could ever be. No more will I believe what certain people say, but neither will I be hardened to humanity.
Anyway, I've also come back to find the grim reaper still hasn't finished taking famous people, though I feel for the regular people too, who have lost people at this time.
Mum is glad I'm safe so the song above is not only for  everyone who cares for me, it's also dedicated to my mum. The one who loves me so much.
Thank you Alison, for your love and help, too. That was special. 
So below I'm putting up songs I've listened to a lot this year, some seem a it of a warning I didn't know, others are just lovely or make me feel good. 
I'm sorry I couldn't write much earlier about Christmas, but I hope the New Year is great for everyone .  From a new improved Lizzie!!!
Thanks again, to all my mates near and far xxx

Couldn't resist that last one lol, so true xxx

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