Sunday, 17 July 2016

Your first warden

Saturday was great, I saw two Home Treatment Team people who are just wonderful. They listened as usual but we had such a good chat that we laughed a lot and they made me feel more positive than ever. You see on Monday, the HTT hand me back to my CPN, as they say I'm doing so well.
Obviously I knew having daily then almost daily meetings with the team would come to an end, and it's quite right it happens. I'm not suicidal anymore, I'm happy and those precious meetings with HTT have helped me so much. 
i can only compare what I was going through those months before my od and home treatment as to what goes on in the video below. I hasten to add it's the past, and the one phrase "this is my dream" is important. The word dream. 

Like I said, my dream. Because although I know it was reality, my isolating life lead to it, and I know since I've talked things through and the new meds, Duloxetine and Quetiapine there has been harmony.
I also put this down to Cassandra and I finding each other, we chatted today and it felt just wonderful, she's not going through a good time right now, but can still laugh. Just how I want to be, when the chips are down, carry on carrying on.

I see us as not only being great friends but we can rely on each other unlike other people, a strong bond with our experiences in isolating ourselves, our dreams to meet each other and remain besties for life.
I add this song for Cassandra when she is feeling low. As we both have our faith and I do believe in guardian angels , so the other song is for the both of us, too.

That song means a lot to me.

While I'm typing I might as well advertise my new Facebook page,  It's the only page approved by Joyce. 
Remember, she has no social media account and will create one when she feels ready.
Anyone claiming to be Joyce on Twitter of Facebook or Google are deceiving people for their own gain. Feel free to join if you agree that she is innocent, and please remember, no other site, profile or group is wanted by Joyce McKinney apart from this one. Hope you join ! 

Hope you all have a lovely day, I'll post again tomorrow to let you know how it goes with being discharged fro HTT and meeting my CPN again.
Love to you all, 
Lizzie xxx

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