Friday, 1 July 2016

My Victory

My blind cat

My beautiful mum!

Me wearing my Breakfast Club hoodie lol

Do it! Live and don't let die!!!

As most people know, I overdosed and ended up in hospital the other day. I was a mess but signed to discharge form so I could leave. I felt a fraud being there,no know I'd spent 24 hours unconscious and and all, but I wanted to be home. They were going to call the crisis team for me so I left very early. However my cpn, who is back working, visited me a few times even at home,and not the HTY (Home Treatment Team) are going to see me every day for a while. I hope the ones who come are not bitches,nasninasked for no men to come.
So yes, shock for my Mum, who wanted me to talk to The Crisis Team but I'm sick of them.
I'm going to try to make it on my own soon.

We've got to learn to smile likewise mean it, as anyone who knows me knows I love getting a smile as it can make someone's day. Life is too short, as I just found out. The hospital is not a place where nurses smile,Mand they came you feel like a bit of a robot. Like my mother says once your in the hospital door you leave your dignity outside. It's true. And for mow, though this can change by the hour, I really wish to live. It's a blessing yo get old. Some people don't reach it.
So listen to this song nd see what I mean,

This song is just too beautiful

Looking at how times change

Tuentrouble we all used to get up to,Mand emotions
 felt. I add this with love;


  1. my mum didn't get the chance to grow old - so try as hard as you can sweet, i know life is hard and often overwhelming - but enjoy the beautiful things in life and reach hard for those milestones! xxx

    1. Aww Jo I'm really sorry about your Mum, I hope you're ok? I just saw the HTT and they were great, they said we will work together and their going to try to get me on the LEAP programme...I may lose weight and gain muscle at last!!! Actually they were very kind I'm will be seeing me every single day. I hope they can do what they say they want to do, because they've given me hope! Yay!! XxxxxxX

  2. I've been in that 'dark place' it's not nice. I still battle but now I recognise the signs that I'm on my way down, most times I'm able to "pick myself up" but it's not easy.
    Sweetie, take all the help that's offered at the moment. All credit for wanting to 'go it alone' but if you're not quite ready for that it's really difficult to take control of your emotions.
    Great to hear you're knitting again! Keep talking and know that you have people that care about you.