Friday, 8 July 2016

Ain't nobody got time for that!

I've been seeing the Home Treatment Team for a while now, and apart from one day when I was angry at the world, it's been very good.
Today, the two lovely people that came offered listening ears and great advice. I have to go slow with baby steps. I had all intentions of meeting up with friends for the Music in The Park on Sautrday, but I think just coffee for a hour every now and then will do for now. As the love,h lady said, if something was to go wrong at this stage I'd feel defeated and might take a step backwards.
My 2 new medications. Today will be the 3 red night, and double the dosage. So hopefully better sleep and more of a clearer mind soon. I can only write here or in text because the mistakes are usually automatically corrected. 

Life's been hard recently, I've felt pressured by someone who's now using a fake "celeb" Twitter 
account and hoodwinking many people. This "celeb" also happens to be a friend of mine, as they say in America, down on their luck and unable to deal with much with something horrible going on in her life currently. I feel so sorry for her, as she, according to my friends is being used (as they say I was) by an opportunist. As much as I hate people who sell stories, I dislike people who take advantage of people. I don't go bragging to everyone who my friend is, what she says, or even her views on this person. This lady, and she is a lady, deserves nothing but the best and not duplicity.
 I'm well aware that things done online can be traced, so I look forward to the fact I have had noting to do with a fake Twitter account set up by someone else without my knowledge or consent being exposed, but I have no Time in dealing with people like that. 


You've been acting awful tough lately

Smoking a lot of cigarettes lately

But inside you're just a little baby, 

It's okay to say you've got a weak spot

You don't always have to be on top
Better to be hated than loved, loved, loved

For what you're not
You're vulnerable, you're vulnerable

You are not a robot
You're lovable, so lovable

But you're just troubled

Guess what? I'm not a robot, a robot
Guess what? I'm not a robot, a robot
You've been hanging with the unloved kids
Who you never really liked and you never trusted

But you are so magnetic, you pick up all the pins

Never committing to anything

You don't pick up the phone when it ring, ring, ring
Don't be so pathetic, just open up and sing
I've been thinking, no longer will I think I (for now) can't but that:

I'm taking the "'t"  out of things, they've been my "clouds" 

Although I will always love the rain!!!
I leave you with this: 
If someone is poisonous in your life, or makes you that I'll that you vomit several times a day, or if you need words of inspiration..... This woman says it all:

Love To

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