Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Sunshine After The Rain

Hi friends! How are you all?
I've not been online much at all, I've been quiet sick with whatever is going on with my lithium, so another blood test next Tuesday.
But I'm not here to complain, I'm here to say how some people have given me such hope recently. One is my friend L! How I can't wait to meet her! The thought that after all these years we could meet   once again gives me such joy.
The second is a new but totally a friend for life. We have some things in common and she is so kind to me over the phone or by text daily. She has such a spirit, not broken after so much has happened in her life, too. This song, has the song I'd love her to hear and dance to, knowing the sentiment is how she has got me to feeling. Like she said about me, what happened to me in my life, the atrocities, 
really, are not my fault and the mental health people are happy to dispense drugs for my reactions to 

the things that happened to me. They are the ones who labelled me, yet I can't continue to accept all 
they say as fact. Do they have words for the rapists apart from " those who did such and such a thing to you" rather than in a way, labelling me for the lifelong consequences of their horrid actions. 
I'm trying to to move on with her help, shall we call her Cassandra. She's helping me with my agoraphobia, too. I went out for a coffee before the doctors the day after she told me a bit of how she copes when she feels she can't go out. Cassandra, the song below is how I feel since we met each other, thank you. 

Below is a song of my childhood that has the best line I've heard in a while, and speaks to me, all women who have been hurt in various ways, and how we are strong enough to survive. "You took it all, but I'm still breathing" this songs for you,too, Cassandra.

Next is the song that I listen to everyday, by my favourite Irish singer Enya, as I dream of taking Cassandra and L on a trip around the world, who knows, it might happen!!

And this song, well this is if I ever get my passport and Cassandra and I will dance to it!!

Yes, life is becoming great again, physically I may be feeling ill but spiritually I'm full with love for life again, I have always admired strong women, always wanted to be one. Now I'm becoming the woman I was meant to be with these two ladies!
I feel hope, and i will continue to help others. Steph, if you are reading this I would love your idea to go ahead, but I have no credit left to text!!!
Lyndsey, your package with gorgeous yarns arrived today and I'm so very grateful as will everyone who received the scarves in Winter, you both mean so much to me, too.
In fact everyone who I know, I love! I just can't manage being online to chat yet. 
If anyone else wants to help Stephanie and I and hopefully many other s with the scarves , please contact me, 
Until I'm back online fully, thinking of younall and sending positivity your long last!!!
Love Lizzie xxxxxx

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