Sunday, 26 June 2016

Love and Mercy

Love and Mercy.
First off I'm a huge Beach Boys music fan, so the other day I watched on to the Love And Mercy biopic of Brian Wilson.
Music has always been my lifeline, from the moment I knew about melodies then as I grew a bit older, the music combined with lyrics would stir something within me. A survival mode, maybe, certainly and escape. An escape from bad things I could dance or sing and then when I first heard Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush (my brother had it on cassette - remember them?!) I discovered poetry and literature. Before I was put on medication I was once a pretty good poet. My works would have ended up in a book from a competition in high school but being the awkward kid I was I declined it. 
So back to the movie, which touched me deeply, there was a song on it I wanted to send the link to Cassandra. the strongest woman I know. We were talking this morning and I thought I'd put it here for her to listen to herself, since emails don't often work for her. 
"So, love amd mercy to you and your friends tonight". Well, love and mercy is what you need Cassandra, you are a child of God and the apple of His eye. Don't forget that in your darkest days.
Plus this song is for anyone struggling, too, and this moment. We all need someone and sometimes as I found out this week the person I thought was my friend here never really was, or can't understand lithium level problems or possible early menopause, and perhaps she doesn't care to know either, so I'm going back to innocence, not the innocence where I believe someone blindly anymore, I've had enough of lies. But innocence knowing wherever I go, there's a destiny. I don't have to give up anymore, nor does anyone reading this. If I keep giving up after a fair weather friend can't accept my decisions in life, then at least I have real friends who I may not see, but know are there. And they know I'm there for them, too. 
Things might be looking up for me right now, but I still never forget real friends, those in trouble, or in need, those treated like crap by people because they are "different", those caught up by nasty individuals ready to take advantage of them in any kind of way, because you are loving, kind, decent and SPECIAL to me. Every one of you.
Remember what we all need, love and mercy, and if someone is the opposite of that, cut them out of your life and realise the great qualities you have and the beauty you possess both inside and out.
LOve and Mercy to you all, love Lizzie xxx


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