Sunday, 12 June 2016

Swinging from high to deep, an honest journey through music

I've gone through every emotion there is recently. The bad and the good. So expect a few music videos to help describe what my thoughts are.
First off, is a song that if you listen and understand the lyrics you will see how I don't know where
I'm headed.

I fear I have nothing to give (after video watch others to feel my moods)

I've listened to this song on repeat.

Have I been lost, blind, inside my mind? I often feel like a break, a week or a weekend away, my wonder friend has invited me to another part of England where she is living, and I feel I could one day go and take lotsa photos as the people watcher that I am, except take part in life, participate not just view? Can I do this?

I feel less procrastination and try to think of goals:

Then all of a sudden I think of this:

Which inspired me to do this :

Then I think of this as I think about what lies ahead:

Then there's me, the one who never knows what personalities will come out in any given situation. The personality disordered mind that changes like the wind and no one knows what to expect

But I leave you with an upbeat song that I'm listening to constantly at the moment, it's starting to give me strength. I replace the Love" with "life" and the faith to carry on.
So those are/were my thoughts, and this is my future,.....and yours, love and live, from Lizzie


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