Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Live While You Can

What a hectic bit worthwhile few days where I have at last taken the proper steps in becoming myself again.
The past week I have come to realise, through people I met and my friends I've never met before follow this blog yet I've never had the chance to really chat to or know probably because I have been shutting down, this is no longer the case!
I took my first steps of independence by leaving my mother in peace (although we chat on the phone constantly when I am in my flat) it's great to have my own space, too.

But the other day I was bold (on the outside) and a spoke to a lovely man who runs the charity shop 

that I love,nif I could possibly next month start volunteering there again. He seemed so genuinely pleased and said I could start even half hour shifts to start me off. I was so happy.
Then we went to asp supermarket where I met a neighbour who had t realised I haved pulled my hear put in hospital months also, and she said I look younger now!!!
She even said I could come round to hers for tea sometime, I felt so good,
Then at the check out I meet a very kind lady who understands a mental illness and reads this blog too! She went up to me once and touched my shoulder as she must have known what I was going through a while back and it's these little gestures that make someone's day.
She us a star, herself.
The next morning I was out at mum and I's usual haunt and a kind gentleman came out to greet me saying he reads this, too. It was a pleasure to meet him and if you are reading this, thank you for acknowledging me and being so very kind.

Those two days had me realise the days can be ordinary, but people Andre extraordinary and everyone has  the ability to cheer someone up and make their days spectacular.
I have been in the dumps for a long time that I had forgotten the power of words and hands that heal. That's right, a handshake or a smile can heal.
So here is a picture of me, as I am now, to show you all how happy I am, 
Thank you all so for sticking by me,mite actually you ho are my inspiration.
Lizzie xxx

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  1. I'm so glad all of this happened to you. While we all face trials and tribulations in our lives....remember there are still very good people out there. And they may even be perfect strangers. :) Go out and let your light shine more Lizzie! xoxoxo