Saturday, 26 March 2016

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

I haven't been able to tell you the full story Fdont I'm awaiting it hee here for my notes of complaint against liaison at The Lakes MHU, who belittle pe mein fact shames me for something not my fault.
I had been send to A+E because of yet another hypoglycaemic attract, that was not of my own doin or "faked"
I had asked to see The crisis team when I was off the drips amd after about an hour P( or it seemed like it, Amman, a horrid mad who had made his mind up before he saw me took me into a side ell, and he asjked amqueateio (not about the voices I'm experiencing) buy a generic quite tiop where he said he did not believe pppe and asked me to stop the bullshit some could speak to me, this , as it would for anyone, pissed me off and I refused home treatment team ( I am at the moment sitting on a small kinds tinky ncousion so there would be no room for any visiting. I'm dtaying at my mums at the moment as mu has huge stile aft a life threatening operation and I need to be the one to change her bags as she is unable to do so herself.
He said I could meet them in a car around the corner and apart from that beging a stupid "solution" I said nits impractical and I don't like being in any strangers car nor do I dress soupy more, as I feel so low.
So instead of any empathy I see him writing down that I'm blocking it.
I was to,d he would send me a lift home as he was down with me.
I was placed not 6 feet away from the dest of spnurses whee I calearly hear him  say "she's faking it, she's a faker",
He then went one for at least 15 mins how people will do anything to get into Teh Lakes seven jumping in front o pof a bus or"just feeling a little say" "Theyll fake and do anything to get into The Lakes" "at least once a day" 
Blah bleh blow for 15 mins, I had to listen to it all as he called me a liar,
If only he had bothered to ask about my voices, which are more of a concern to me recently,
I never once asked about going INTO The Lakes, I had wanted help with my voices. Even the doctor who saw me in A+E could testify it was to only talk about them.
So hn rushed me through to the Main Entrance to Colchester General, on the way makinhpg a statement that (with emcees sarcasm and joy in saying it) that I have "a great demeanour Elizabeth.

So I did what most people in my situation would do. I took all my daytime n night time meds in one go.
I made it to the duck pond, then realised I could possibly make to the forest and die there without being found. What else could I do after that so called Lakes liaison shamed me (even though I. MYSELF knew I was not/am not a faker.he card so little the they all Dom I am nothing. I do not exist, when I next get paid I'm outta here.
Thank you Joe Delaney

You have made me see I am nothing, my voices telling m to kill. So everyone, remember this post and what he did to me.
Because this can be my complaint letter (I have no printer) and let them read this when I am gone, NO blame on my behalf, but all in his..
Thank you for making me realise I am nothing  except worthy of ridicule. Mbut that been my whole life anyway, he has reinforced this to upthe biggest extreme. 
If I CBT let this be my letter of why.
But I love you all,those whom actually care for me in her wor on my Facebook page. My love to you all, 
Ps this song springs to mind. Xxxx



  1. sometimes i just wish this didn't exist; that mental health issues didn't cause people so much grief. life is for living so people say.... but it's not as easy for those of us whose brains seem wired differently... i'm with you Halstead Hermit - but even if you can't see it - there is a light at the end of the tunnel.. do what i want to do.... pitch a tent near the seaside, live a frugal, hermitted life and be at peace...

    1. Thank you so much Jo, a lovely lady called Denise from my HH fb page was kind enough to find a way, one I could have thought of though should have, to make it through the day, to listen to more upbeat music instead of the almost hate filled music I'd been listening to after this "professional" abused his position. I feel a bit stronger after reading your comment, too. And I can't thank you enough for your support. Thanks for caring, Lizzie.

  2. I'm so sorry you had to deal this shitty excuse for a absolutely disgusts me when people say it's "fake". There are so many invisible illnesses and you think someone in his position would be a little more understanding. I hope you reported him.

  3. Thank you so much!! Oh yes I gave a strongly worded letter of complaint to my support worker to give to The Lakes MHU nbut have had no reply, I expect they threw it in the bin as I've had no response!!! Xxx

  4. I'm with Piper on this....shitty is mild for what I'd call him. I have family and friends who suffer also, and I'm the devil if you do them wrong. As I came from the states a while back, I'm not too sure what all you have available here, but do you have something called Board of Professional Conduct or the BBB (Better Business Bureau)? Those would be the agencies to file the complaint with.