Saturday, 2 January 2016

All I Really Want

Happy New Year!
It's been one hell of a ride for a lot of us. 
For me, a journey with never ending twists and turns, good decisions, poor ones, making new friends from the HH fb page, including two who were kind enough to invite me to the locals Christmas Eve bash, and two friends from The Lakes who have enriched my life and I hope to enrich theirs in the future, too. 
Right now I'm going through some physical problems, gallbladder and possibly kidney problems, so I can't say I feel at my best right this moment. Waiting for a scan next week or week after.
But I've been thinking of songs when awake, and can only think of one that sums up what I want.
This song includes a lot.
I could only add to keep friends with everyone from HH and people who know me, and for better health.
AND that every reader has the best year so far.
All  I Really Want (acoustic) is the not so tough, harsh, angry version of the original. The contrast makes a statement between how our emotions can change even when occasionally what we want remains.
I feel this version better. Slicker, and more impactful without 'the angry voice'.

Me, I wish you all the happiness you deserve -and you do deserve it. Even when that voice inside you says you don't deserve happiness, tell it back you sure do!

Lizzie xx
I can't get the video to play on the website so here is the link!

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