Saturday, 5 December 2015


I've Not been writing ting enough. 
I've not been writing at all.
I guess I've been busy being a self absorbed pest, my mother has been thrown into doing everything when she is out, as I stay in waiting for parcels.
I'm still not able to communicate to the outside world and peoplewho write to me (I will get back to you all eventually) 
Who am I to be blue?
Who am I to feel dead? 
I will get over this sadness, and out of purgatory.

Entertain me for the tenth hour in a row again
Anesthetize me with your gossip and many random anecdotes
And fill every hour with activity or ear candy
Drop me off at intersections in any city metropolitan

And keep me in this state
And keep me purgatorying
And sing me back to sleep
This is far more than I had bargained for

Start every week with a break-neck urgent design
And end every speed day with my briefcase representing free time
Spending my fruits my purchases become my lifeline
Please give my love to my family
I'll doubtfully be home at christmas time

Don't disturb me in this state
Please leave me purgatorying
I'll be damned if i'm to wake
This is far more than i am equipped for

And I've held you up like a deity
Like you're the sole owner of wings
This unrequited tunnel vision
And i wonder why i've not been writing

And keep me in this state and keep me purgatorying 
And sing me back to sleep, this is far more than I have bargained for.

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