Tuesday, 22 December 2015

How to receive

Today's all about me.
Not in a selfish way, this post is not only about me but for everyone struggling this Christmas, this year. 
I intend to spend Christmas alone, or intended. I think it's probably too late to take up the offer of spending Christmas Day with my dear friend and her family.
I don't want to be here this Christmss, asleep would do me fine I suppose. 
Life has been hard this year, as a career and as a person, I am not a robot, yet I feel the mundane and the reality of life hard to deal with.
But I need me time too. 
I'm sure there are a few reading this who feel the same, that life is too much and things are incredibly hard to deal with, especially st this time of year. Running around with a happy merry mask on. 
I feel your pain and carry those burdens too. You are not alone. Please believe me.
So this song, is not just spiritual, but healing too.
We, we all need time to regenerate. 
I hope this song gives you some hope or peace, or just a song that applies to you and touches you. 
I can't post the original song as its banned I the uk!!!
So I hope the lyric video is ok for you.

Love Lizzie xxx

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