Thursday, 24 December 2015


Move on, don't hesitate....breakout!!!

I have been in a prison recently, of my own mind. 
I've let my fears overtake me, and although they are still there, today and tonight I learned to "breakout" of my cage. The cage of my own making.
I'm not looking for sympathy, or for anyone to say well done (although admittedly that would be nice!) 
This morning I pushed through the barriers to go out. I only managed to make it to Dough's Bakery (love ya's Debbie and Richard and crew!!) to give some presents to friends and gratefully recieve some in return, bless you and thank you.
But what I'm getting at, is that it IS possible to get out of a funk that's keeping you down temporarily (I have bipolar so I do have these highs and lows though usually not as bad as recently) and shine. Shine in ways you can't believe.
It takes such strength to do this, it's the hardest thing and impossible for 'the normals' to imagine. 
I've been there ad no doubt I will be there again, but we must take any opportunity given to us to just 
try to LIVE. Not exist.

We can do this!!!!

Like tonight I've been invited to go to a Christmas bash at the local tomorrow, where a band is playing.....I'm going!!!!!!
And, call it impulsivity of a bipolar if you want (personally I call it treating myself at long last) I've booked a ticket to see Glenn Close as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard in London for my birthday in April!!!!
I've wanted to see this musical since I heard With One Look by Elaine Paige many moons ago.
This is going to be like a dream come true as Glenn Close ain't bad either! Her, Elaine and Betty Buckley rock the musical.
So, things can change if we can garner the inner strength not to give up.
And on Chrostmas day I will spend with Alison and her family. I can't wait.
Things are changing!

"Take a chance you stupid ho"....ok I am.
So here is the song my mum and I picked for this post. 
Corny and 80's, but great basic inspirational words...and a beat to dance to alone or if brave enough, with company!!
I wish you a merry Christmas, everyone who reads this without vomiting lol.
Lots of love, Lizzie xxx

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  1. Go Lizzie! Your on a roll now my love. Wishing you lots of fun on your trips out. Merry christmas my love! Becky