Sunday, 22 November 2015

What good is sitting all alone in your room?

Today I ventured out with hat on (then hat off) around Halstead, had a coffee with my lovely mother. It's the first time I've been out for anything other than hospital appointments since I left The Lakes MHU. 
It felt great.
I took a chance and took off my hat and asked my Mum to take a photo of the occassion, and it was an occasion, Mum took the photo above and I've put this up as I felt liberated and happy to be out. 
I haven't liked myself since I pulled my hair out, but today, I felt whatever normal is supposed to feel like!
Sitting having a latte, my hair uncovered, I was truly being the real me, warts and all.
It's given me the push I needed to believe I can go out again, but as I am.
I will get comments from people who say hello and do not read this blog, or maybe strangers who have noticed me but don't understand the stark change in appearance.
It's the perfect opportunity, I suppose, to explain mental illness and my recovery. 
The video below, well, I'm not quite up to doing handstands or karaoke just yet, but the sentiments are clear.
Although I will definitely not put down my knitting!!!
To sum up, 
Today for me (and my proud Mum) was perfect.

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