Sunday, 15 November 2015

Fear Of Bliss (and ensuing solitude)

Fear Of Bliss (how I am right now) 

I've been isolating myself again, in a bad way by even refusing to see asp gp about my "soft tissue damage" to my arm, wrist, hand and knee!
I'm even refusing to see the denspntist where I know some teeth will be pulled.
I'm buying lots of yarns to do my k ittingm soending a fortune on eBay.
Any excuse not to go out.
Is it because I ou,led my hair our in the MHU?  Or is it because I could be normal again and that scares me? 
I don't recommend solitude for anyone, please don't do it. 
I've been offered a voluntary job at the charity shop I used to work at, and I'm thinking seriously about it. Should I try? 
Should I go for it?
Will I fail?
Or will I be great up at it? 
A lot to ponder when you refuse to go not thee door. 


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