Friday, 20 November 2015

Afternoons and Coffeespoons (and T.S Eliot)

I'm feeling rather low but my humour is still with me, praise God! 
So I thought of a song that kinda lifts my mood, making light of my current situation that I haven't discussed here. 
My hair that I pulled out - a lot of it isnt growing back.  I look a bit like a fool so I've bee buying a lot of stuff online to keep me from going out and facing the world.
You may call it vanity, but I do look stupid. So I've ordered wigs, some normal, others for Christmas. As a laugh,  pics below! 
But I'm keeping my chin up for my mum, who can see my moods swing. I'm constantly knittingscarves. And looking forward to listening to Enya's new album on my iPad!

So although I may seem less happy to everyone, please remember it's just a moment and this time will pass, as U2 say!
Enjoy your afternoons my friends, and pyjamas in the daytime is perfectly acceptable!!! I wear the every day!
Lizzie xxx

Fun lol

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