Saturday, 24 October 2015

Love and Anger (and being discharged from a MHU)

"It could take me all my life, but it would only take a moment to tell you"

Yesterday I was formally discharged from The Lakes MHU.
After a weeks leave. 
It was actually hard saying goodbye to my consultant doctor, who has been nothing but kind to me.
My fried took me there, and we were in reception 2 odd hours until being seen by her, despite almost all (if not all) nurses in the ward passed us knowing we were there waiting, I guess they Gita get their own back somehow!  

 We discussed a few practical things, like me giving my notice in to my landlord  and 
Looking for some kind of supported housing first before thinking of mobpving into my mums again,
They seemed to agree, the people in the room. 
The thing about my doctor there, and a reason why I chose this song, is she is excellent and knows I need a huge amount of therepy.
She was easy to talk to, though not shy in challenging you, but listens intently 100% focuses on you and any solutions there are.
I couldn't tell my sister, and. I could not tell a priest. But I could tell her.
(What would we do without you?)
My point is, she was there. Working hard every day. Approachable (if you weren't scared of wasting her time as I felt I was).
This song describes my thoughts and feelings and I imagine her reactions are the other verses.
Thank you, expect a black scarf for Christmas lol.

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