Saturday, 17 October 2015

Echoes In Rain

I apologise for not being able to update my blog for a while.
I got manic then very low, and was sectioned twice.
I'm on weekend leave but will be officially discharged on Monday.

The stories I could tell of the mental health unit I was in, the staff (most of whom were pleasant), the clients (patients) and treatment. But most of this should be left out of this blog and maybe published elsewhere out of respect to those still suffering and of course, their privacy.
I will say I am glad to be out of  my "cell" as I called it. Many people too ill to know what is even happening around them, and one or two of the usual attention seekers.
At the end of my stay I remained on my own, devoting my time to my music and writing, Joyce Meyer, my friends and the Bible.
It was best for me to withdraw and focus.

So my big day out was lovely, the local coffee shop welcomed me back with open arms as they were aware of my situation.
I felt so loved.
Being around town after no leave on section 2 and  3 was particuarly difficult for me. I have trouble being in crowds and it didn't help being unsteady on my feet with the lithium and other new meds.
Childhood trauma has almost ruined my adult life but I'm pressing on. 
Not just for myself but for my mother and friends who have been such a great support during this time.

But today had a huge positive, I've ordered Enyas new album out soon, she is one of the few voices that "calm me right down" and her new song, well I hope it brings you the hope it brought me this afternoon!
You can't go wrong with a bit of Enya in your life!
May this song bring you some peace and comfort, whether you are in a good frame of mind or going down the ladder fast.

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