Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Thank U

Thank you.

I have been thinking recently (overthinking) how I have a tendency to dwell on the bad.
It will always be the case, I can't change that.

But I've been called to count my blessings.
I have a mother who I love dearly. A niece in Thailand who I adore,
My cat who may be ill, but always loving.
A brother who cares and protects me, friends who have my back and always supportive.
I have lived in a country that was bombed countless times and still, I survived.
I'm making changes,
Big ones.
They may take time, but I will be better for it,

So the bad things, well, they can either haunt me or I can try to heal, and I must be thankful for all the events that have led to me still being alive.
I'm not being dramatic, 
But it's time to grow.

Do I want to fit in?
 Here's the answer:

Me today:

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