Sunday, 5 July 2015

Every precious dream and vision underneath the stars

Last night I watched the moon as it rose outside the window. At first I was so scared as I assumed since it was so large and was rising that fast that I was hallucinating yet again. 
It took my Mum to try to reassure me several times that she could see it, and that it was normal.
It was like I was witness to some celestial event that would have been seen hundreds of years ago.
Then, about a half hour before I began to write the post you are reading now, I remembered this beautiful, well written if not somewhat ironic song.
There's probably many interpretations as to the lyric meanings.
Drugs? Maybe. 
But I don't see it as a poet or artist jealous of another, rather I see it as a song about being in awe of another persons talent.
I see myself, listening to a musical, or my love for a lyricist like Tim Rice, or an artist such as Van Gogh.
I'm not upset that I will never produce a masterpiece of any kind, or that my mediocrity dictates I will not see Brigadoon....
I saw the whole of the moon last night. Literally. 
That's all I needed, to see something real.
And I will never lose the capacity to adore other people's beauty, either.
For those of you who know how to inspire, keep on. For you are indeed blessed!

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