Saturday, 4 July 2015

A beautiful day in Halstead - take a smile!

Its been a glorious day for me.
The past week has not been the easiest, yet I managed to make some decisions that are changing my life, and in a couple of weeks, my life will be much improved.
so today I ventured out into Halstead High Street, and felt optimistic, and even took a selfie!
The street was buzzing, and people made me feel included, yay!!!


  1. Making important decisions can be very stressful. Hopefully you will include us and let us know what improvements are to come. I always make life goals, maybe a "in a month" or "in two years" it feels nice in the end to know you accomplished what you had set out to do or change. :) Glad you had a great day.

  2. Thank you! And thank you for writing! Yes it will all be up here, soon as it's done which won't be too long, perhaps 2weeks tops! That's my goal, 2 weeks. Oh it was great being out and the more I go out it seems the more smiles To give and receive! Smiles can change a day or a mood into something positive. Human kindness!!! 😀😀😀