Thursday, 25 June 2015

Almost Rosey

Well,the local Gazette will be out next Friday, with an article about mental illness, and this blog.
In must admit I am very nervous.
What will it be like?
So I'm trying to focus my mind on who inspired me to revive my blog.
My support worker.
But not only her, but the whole team that are in Halstead and Colchester.
They have been so kind and they actually believe in me.
My support worker presumes I could make something of my life, and I've decided that tomorrow, after my self imposed isolation, I will go out and face the world again. 
I'm a carer for my Mother, and she's been great going out each day by herself, but missing me and me missing her.
She is a star, I'm her carer, and most people do not know the health problems she has, and some of those who do, do not know the full extent.
 And she is also my carer.
So today I think of those who care about me, and others who care for people.
My support worker, she has a smile on her face all the time and has my journal full of musings and a wish list.
My cpn, she is a star also. So are the cpn's before her.
There is one who is very special to me and I won't forget her.
She also smiles. I like smiles.
There is a song that describes how I am, and how they inspire me.
Words from them and myself.
Thank you all so very much.
And by the way, when you, the reader of this post now, look at the article, please think of mental health awareness. Think of those who struggle, or feel as thought they are in hell. Those who smile through the pain, and those reading who have mental illness:
You will survive, put those rose coloured glasses to the test.

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