Monday, 19 September 2011

Errors Of Thinking

Last week my therapist gave me some papers on Errors Of Thinking.  Check out to see them.
I have every single one of these errors!  But fear not, apparently everyone goes though them every now and then.  So I'm still not bonkers, then!!
Well this was my 'homework' for the week. I wrote down a few of my issues that I thought might have been errors of thinking this week, and Anna said I did a good job.  The problem is realising which errors I am making.  One thing that I wrote down, had 5 errors combined haha. 
I must do the same again this week, and next week I will have some A4 pages to write them all down and work through.  It's a little daunting because yes I feel better after we go through each error, but I still feel kinda stupid because these errors seem so silly afterwards.  Why is it these little things become so huge and trip me up?  Or why do I let them trip me up?
I hope Anna and I get to banish these little monsters!