Sunday, 7 August 2011

My Week So Far

...has been a blessing.
Well, at first it didnt seem like it.  In fact it felt a bit like a curse until a couple of days ago.  Mainly becausevthis place has so many people coming and going all day.  Especially in the Friendship Groups.  I've tended to shun most groups because I don't have enough confidence to talk in front of others BUT.....I am certainly gaining in confidence!!!
I've made more friends, too!!!!!   At least I hope I have.  They may well not wish to know me after my stay is over, but for now they have become friends that I already appreciate. 
Now, unless this place can provide transport from Halstead to here, I will only be able to meet them all once every 3 months :-(  BIG SADNESS :-(
But IF they do work out transport, I might be able to see my new friends once a week!!
Please pray this will happen!
Your very own Halstead Hermit x


  1. Glad you have been having a good time! I'm not surprised you are making friends - you're a nice person! God bless. :-] xx

  2. Hiya Lizzie
    I left a message for you on my blog. Have a great week! xx