Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What a difference a year makes

I've recovered from the shock news of my cpn retiring (and the shock of learning she is even old enough to retire...she looks much young!) and got out of the selfish part that was ruining what is a good thing for my cpn....a chance for her to do what she wants to do!  No paperwork and lots of time to watch Jeremy Kyle lol.  Just kidding, who watches that patronising git anyway?!
Seriously though, I am pleased that my cpn will be able to travel, and do all she's been hoping to do at last.
It must be a great feeling for her, and she must be excited. 
So I've been looking back at how I was before she changed my life all those years ago. 
I was hopeless.  Devastated.  In the gutter.  The worst feelings a person could have were dumped right on my shoulders and my life was a living hell.
My cpn stood by me.  When I spent the whole 60mins with her crying my eyes out, she would let me do so, speaking gently and listening without judgement.
When my arms were cut and still bleeding she didnt shout at me.
When I hated her she was patient.
When I tested her she was kind.
When I was clingy she still talked to me like I was a 30 something but without making me feel guilty.
When I needed advice she gave it.
When I thought of self harm she would tell me how distressing for others that is.
When I needed a friend, she was there!
In fact, she has been there for me from the start, never let me down and made me believe in myself.
She says I have a wicked soh!
She has helped me think of a healthy lifestyle...........
................she has changed my life for the better and I will never forget her.
I thank God for bringing her into my life and trust in Him that He will look out for her.

Yes, I've come a long way from this tome last year.
I know I've said that before.
But it's true. 
Thank you, Lord, for letting me get to know my cpn, you both have enriched my life thus far.

Lizzie x

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  1. Hi Lizzie
    Sorry I haven't been in touch, I'm not too well at the moment. Tried to text you but kept getting message returned. Jenny has got my mobile number. Take care sweetheart. xx