Saturday, 23 July 2011

Two weeks

Soon I'll be in a respite bed for 2 weeks.  The place is nice but for various reasons I can't get there as often as I would like to. 
I'm nervous.
Firstly I can't afford to buy the food in that I need so I may just bring in 14 pot noodles for supper time!
Then of course the probem is who will be in the other respite beds.  Will they be pleasant or rude or annoying or spiteful or sad. 
And what will I be like???  Will I be any of the above?
And 2 weeks away from mum.  2 weeks away from my 'normal' life.

I am so very nervous.

1 comment:

  1. Hmm, can understand you being nervous, but try looking on it as an adventure? You could pray that the people in the other beds are the people that God wants to be there... people that may never see Jesus in anyone other than you. Can you look on it as a holiday? (I haven't had a hol since 1989!)xxx