Thursday, 2 June 2011

Please let it rain

I'm writing this on my mobile! Ooh how modern I am lol. Today I've contemplated a bit about my life and how it is changing still. This time last year I was full of fear and wanted to die. This time last year I od'd and was in an mental health unit called the lakes in Colchester. How bad were those times when I gambled with my life only to find God had spared me each time. I wasn't particuarly grateful that he did, until one time when I was allowed to go to th cgh shop. As I left, I decided instead of going straight back to the unit, I would sit by the pond and the ducks. It began to rain. People who know me well know I love rain. I knew it was God trying to communicate to me. I felt his presence and knew He had kept me alive for a reason (This reason is still unknown to me) and I felt His peace. There are still times when I'm down so low, but those are the times I must think of Him most to save me from the depths of desperatiom that covers my whole body mind and spirit. I pray I'll overcome these bouts again

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