Saturday, 4 June 2011

Friday Nights

Friday nights are no go nights in Halstead. I hate them. Drunk people banging my door shouting "fire!", fights, drug deals, all outside my place. Not that I go out at night, but how I'd like the option of going out to the chippy or whatever for a sneaky bite to eat on a weekend! On my holiday I drank 10 pints of beer to get drunk, just like the Halstead idiots here. My meds prevented me from even getting tipsy and that's when I realised what a pointless activity getting drunk really is. Why should I try to get drunk if it makes you a yob anyway? Well, that's my wee rant over.


  1. Half a glass of red wine makes me go to sleep so I am no use whatsoever when it comes to blocking stuff out with alcohol. And it makes you sick... anyway, the 'stuff' you try to block with alcohol is always there in the morning! I think the best thing is to remember 'just one touch from Jesus changes everything'. He'll turn our water into real wine! Take care Lizzie. I hope you know I am one of your followers now! :-]

  2. Yay Sheila thank you for your lovely comments and thanks for following me!! I really love your blog, thanks for being honest and inspiring in your posts! From a fan ;-) x x x x x