Saturday, 18 June 2011


Hi!  What a good day I've had today!  I met Sheila in town!  It was so great to see her!  We both told of how we admire each others blogs.  I don't see how anyone could find my blog an inspiration, and I'm not saying that for a compliment!  I mean I look at it again and again and I feel slightly embarressed that I mentioned this or that, or that I didn't put it in a more intelligent way.  It's much easier for me to make a music video than talk, and even then it can take days of hard work for it to still be choppy etc.  I am my own worst critic.
Anyway I have been thinking, how about I share with you some of my favourite songs?
Some of them I may like because the lyrics touch my heart, some it's the melody that has captured my imagination, and others I just like for fun!
The first one is called....Bohemia, as if you didn't know!  When I was penpalling many years ago, a friend sent me a cassette (remember them?) with this song included and now thanks to the marvel that is Youtube I can share it with you, too.  I don't think much of the video itself, but sometimes at night I listen to this and imagine sitting in France with a cup of coffee watching the world go by with nothing to fret about at all. 
Nothing much else to say about me or my life this week, but there will be a more serious blog soon enough (feel too happy to write it today...thanks Sheila!)

Hope you enjoy the song,
Lizzie x


  1. Hello, my friend! I know you enjoy music, but you also have a real way with words. You can really express your feelings and reach out - I think you've got a gift of communication (as well as encouragement). It was great to see you the other day. Have a lovely week. xx

  2. Thank you so much, Sheila! I find it so difficult to express myself day to day so I guess writing is much easier than face to face! How I wish I could talk like I write!
    I hope you have a good day, too! All my love, Lizzie! X x x