Thursday, 26 May 2011


Hi there,
My name is Lizzie.  I am a Christian woman, 33 years of age and I am not particuarly normal.
Why?   I have suffered with severe depression since  was 13,  I also have social phobia and Emotionally Unstable Personality DIsorder....oh and psychotic pisodes.  The last bit will scare you off me completely. 
I don't hear voices commanding me to kill, or to hurt anyone other than myself.
I am on a variety of meds that control a lot of my symptomns and thankfully they don't make me a zombie until I take my sleepers.
I plan to add youtube music videos, lyyrics and poetry (including my own) here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hey Lizzie! I absolutely don't agree that you are not particularly normal. WHAT!!! You are a lovely person, a princess in the kingdom of God, and anyone who knows you would say you're a total sweetheart.
    Sheila :-]